Encourage Encourage the child that he does everything, on what is capable instead of encouraging in him spirit of rivalry.

For example, if Rechel speaks: Listen, mothers, I received excellent estimates, and Heter did not manage, react as follows: It seems that you very much tried and made everything that could, but not so: It is good to become reasonable and study Heter the same as you.

On this subject you will find additional information in chapter Make an unexpected act.

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For this

For this Wipe roundabouts, carefully removing paper where the leaf adjoined to a cardboard.

The color image turned out.

And in places where rubbing is made not really densely, wide strokes are visible.

The linocut and on color paper is printed.

For this purpose it is possible to use both color ink, and gold and silver paint.

Silhouettes leave color, and round them, as shine, a white aura.

The background depending on a cardboard roughness somewhere will be more dark, somewhere is lighter.

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She tells

She tells When you fly in the plane, the stewardess explains you rules of observance of safety measures onboard.

She tells that in urgent cases you should put on an oxygen mask at first yourself, and then already the child.

The similar rule extends and for the rest of life.

First of all, take care of yourself.

And then you will have enough forces to be the good parent.

One more example: imagine that you have a jug comprising total of vital energy necessary for you.

During the day you pour from it the full bowls intended to your children, the husband, work etc.

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To go to difficult

To go to difficult To go to difficult and important work the son remains without supervision.

To refuse, look after the son, to bring up him you will stop in development, you will fade and soon you will become uninteresting to the son.

What to do?

I understand absurd of an appeal to be happy and would not like to repeat after Kozma Prutkov: If you want to be happy be it.

But how to be?

Why one people always happy, shine, and others are always unfortunate, and in any way them will not persuade, what them have nothing to grieve?

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In a good

In a good It is your debt!

if we help children to fulfill the duty so that it never was it a burden, gradually call of duty itself will ripen in souls of children.

In a good family nobody reminds each other of a debt, nobody watches how another does the duty, but everyone joyfully performs the duties, gradually enticing children pleasure of any work.

It is possible to tell that such people do not know a debt at all, and it is possible to tell that they only on a debt also live.

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